Thirty One: Product Review and Business Opportunity

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Thirty One is a direct sales company that offers high quality bags, stationery and accessories for very reasonable prices.  You can even customize your bag with an embroidered message, initials or phrase.

I just love the Thirty One products to use and promote my SendOutCards business.  Even though you cannot personalize a bag with a trademarked name without explicit permission, you can get creative!  :)

DSCN1987As you’ll see in my photo here, I got the Cindy Tote with the phrase “Proud WAHM” embroidered on it.  Since it’s a black bag with hot pink lettering it really stands out.  I’ve had this bag for a little over a week and already people ask me what WAHM stands for.  When I tell them I’m a Work At Home Mom, they ask me what I do and that gives me “permission” to tell them about my SendOutCards business.

The Cindy Tote is a HUGE bag!  It makes a great diaper bag – but it also makes a great laptop case too.  One of the samples in the catalog even has the Cindy Tote embroidered with the phrase, “Mobile Office.”  I LOVE that too.

Besides being a great vehicle to advertise your business, it’s also a great way to add a personal touch and style to your handbags.  They are very high quality bags and again, very reasonably prices.  I own a couple of Vera Bradley purses and love the brand, but Thirty One has really caught my eye for the styles, quality and price!

Their commitment to great quality bags at reasonable prices, really extends to their business opportunity too.  It only costs $99 to start a Thirty One business.  The $99 investment gives you all the tools you need to start your business.  You’ll receive over $300 in products, and all the paperwork, training and company support.

Thirty One was founded in 2003 by Cindy Monroe.  The company has grown over 200% in the last year, and is still a ground floor opportunity.

Thirty One Gifts has a great customer specials every month for customers and hostesses!!

Updated Information:  Because of the wonderful opportunity and amazing support system, I have decided to become a Thirty-One Independent Consultant.  So if you would like more information about purchasing an item, hosting a catalog show or becoming an independent distributor, I would be happy to help you!

If you’d like to see the Thirty-One catalog, go to my business website at Then click on the “Shop Now” button.

UPDATE: Thirty-One Gifts New Consultant Freeze

Here are some more pictures of some personalized bags for my Mamavation Sisters :).  These Thermal Totes are only $14  (without personalization)!


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  • Nayr

    This stuff is garbage, if you have ever owned a leather bag, you will be sorry you ever purchased it. For what they charge each customer in shipping (plus tax on shipping), they can ship the entire order. RIP OFF, RIP OFF, RIP OFF!!!!!!!!

  • Ivette Muller

    I am so sorry you had a bad experience. You are right, the Thirty-One bags are very different from leather bags and they are for two different types of customer needs. I love leather purses and own many Dooney and Bourkes :) , they were my weakness before babies! But now I need functional, lightweight, but still cute. Thirty-One stands by their products, so if you had any problems, you should contact your consultant for an exchange. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Malibu

    I havent had much luck with my purchase either. the bag is cute enough but thats about all it has to offer. The party i went to the consultant didnt have all the bags so i guess it was my mistake making a purchase before being able to actually see the bag. However i was convinced to make the purchase because of a “special” that was going on. If you spend at least $31 you get a free large zipper pouch. Otherwise i probably wouldnt have bought such an expensive piece of cloth. My order came in and there was no zipper pouch! Its been over 2 months now and apparently i’ve being “given” a $15 certificate that at first was supposed to have been being mailed to me, which i never got, and was finally told it is apparently only online because they were sold out of the large zipper pouches. You’ve got to be kidding me! Someone screwed up my order and nothing is geting fixed. I cant exchange or return because i was talked into getting it embroidered as well. Again i guess my stupid mistake. I either want $15 cash (or check) or i want to return my purchase all together! I dont see either happening. I DO NOT support this company and i intend to make sure no one else does! I’ll get my next purse from Wal-Mart or Target…its just a freaking purse people!! I’d rather spend my money on something a bit more important to my life then something so stupid. NEVER AGAIN!

  • Ivette Muller

    Malibu – I am so sorry you had a bad experience. Our free zipper pouch promotion was huge and we did run out of inventory. In order to take care of the customers, the company gave out gift certificates for the free item to make up for running out of inventory. (This was actually something I had never experienced with any company that runs out of a free item – they usually just say sorry and don’t offer anything as a substitute.)

    If you got the free item embroidered, then the gift certificate is for $18 ($12 for the free pouch + $6 for the embroidery.) Your consultant should be able to process the gift certificate for you but if she can’t, please send me your information through my contact form and I’d be happy to help take care of this for you. If you want a refund on your original item and it’s within 60 days I can help take care of that for you too.

    Thanks for commenting and I am sorry for your bad experience.


  • Christie Ayscue

    WOW yall are harsh…I have a few Thirty One products and I think they are awsome…my kids love there products too!!! We have pocket books, wallets, coolers, and lunch boxes…my family thinks that these are GREAT PRODUCTS!!!! Thanks Thirty One

  • Christie Ayscue

    I have worked in Customer Service for quite a while and I think you just did an awsome job to satisfy your customer….great job!!!! I am going to look into becoming a consultant for this wonderful company!

  • Ivette Muller

    Thanks for all your kind and encouraging words Christie! Customer Service is VERY important to Thirty-One and they only want happy customers and consultants. While you can’t please everybody all the time, they sure do a great job of doing the right thing.

    Let me know if you decide to join us after the new consultant freeze! Would love to know another Thirty-One sister :)

  • Jes

    When do you expect the new consultant freeze to be over?

  • Ivette Muller

    Hi Jes!
    Last week our CEO and Founder, Cindy Monroe, announced that the freeze would be over in August.

    While this is a lot longer than most of us anticipated, it’s actually a good thing because it will be just in time for the new fall/winter catalog and holiday shopping. Plus, the home office is hiring HUNDREDS of people for their support staffs to provide even better service to customers and consultants.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to fill out the contact form. I’d be happy to answer any other questions you have. Our team currently has a Yahoo group for future Thirty-One consultants to get training, ask questions and earn prizes.

    Take care and thanks for visiting my blog!

  • Kdecailly

    It sounds like your “consultant” didn’t take care of you! I would have given you your money back for the trouble of a backordered item. Thirty-One has made some really positive changes in the past 6 months and I believe that our customers will be very pleased! I hope that you will consider giving some thought on not supporting our company.

  • Dprather2

    Hi, I am just wondering, what does “new consultant freeze” mean?  And when in August will it be over?  Thank you,

  • Ivette Muller

    Hi!  Actually, the new consultant freeze was in reference to the fact that from February until July 24, Thirty-One was not allowing any new consultants to join the company.  However, as of yesterday, July 25, 2011, you can become a Thirty-One consultant by going to and clicking on the “Join My Team” tab to fill out the new consultant form and purchasing your kit.  If you would like some background information on the new consultant freeze, you can read it in my newsletter here  Thanks for stopping by and feel free to contact me if you have any other questions!

  • mam

    I just purchased my first two thirty-one products and I have to say, I could have gotten the same, or similar product for much less money. One of the items was the mini  on-th-go organizer. The “5 card inserts” are just five pieces of laminated or plastic cards with the alphabet on them. They fit in this large opening. Two card slots are listed in the catalog. I suppose you are to assume that the large opening is a card slot. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this. I expected to have five inserts permanent affixed in the organizer. Not work $22 for sure.

    The other product is the expandable tote. While it is quite usable, I think it is bad business to make someone pay extra for a shoulder strap. I did not know that when I ordered. Again, usable, but not work $49.

    I’ve been a direct sales consultant for 4 different companies (Wilton, D.O.T.S, Longaberger, Mary Kay)  and while prices were high for two, the prices for the others were quite reasonable–about the same as purchasing similar items retail.

    I’ll stick with purchasing my bags, etc. via retail.

    I understand you are trying to sell a product–and I know that these go over big with teachers–but, Thirty-One is just not for me.

  • mam

    please substitute the word “worth” for “work” in the above.  :o)

  • mam

    One other point…just the fact that these items are made in china, is more proof that they are overpriced, in my opinion.  Sorry…Just wish they were made in the good old U.S. of A.

  • Linda

    Are Thirty-One products made in the USA? Or are they made in China? 

  • Ivette Muller

    I checked the tags on the items I have and most of the products are made outside of the USA. Some didn’t have a tag so I couldn’t check but called home office to see if they could help :)

  • Howka

    I had a similar story.  I never received my full order, come to find out, the consultant never placed my order fully and took all of my money.  It was her way of scamming people.

  • Bonnie Carsia

    I purchased a handbag in June so did my mother.  Both products are already falling apart just got off the phone with customer service, who told me that if it is past the 90 day period that they will not do anything.  After the problems we had with the consultant who quit but didn’t tell us.   I feel that replacements or refunds should be given. Customer service does not feel this way.  I will tell everyone I know about the way your company does not stand behind it’s products.  I don’t expect something to last forever, but this is ridiculous, I have had much cheaper handbags last way longer. I will no longer purchase from this company.

  • Bonnie Carsia

    They most certainly DO NOT!!! Stand by their products!

  • Amber

    Hi, what was the first thirty-one product sold in a catalog? Thanks :-)

  • Trunyard

    What is the warranty on the products?

  • Ivette Muller

    If for any reason a Thirty-One selection
    does not meet a customer’s expectations, the item can be retuned within 90 days of receipt
    of the order. Personalized items may only be returned due to a manufacturer defect.

  • TA

    I had a  similar experience and after several phone calls and e-mails to the consultant without a response,  I called he company (after I had waited 6 months )  ! The consultant never gave me a certificate just  wrote on my order that I had a credit so I was not free to shop with another consultant.  I did get a little bit of a run around ( phone tag- three separate customer service reps trying to solve my delemia  and telling me different things) but ultimately the company sent me  a $25.00 gift certificate when I forwarded 7 e-mails to them as proof of my claim that I had tried to solve at the local level.  In the end…I am happy and the company did right by me. They can’t control all their consultants and there are always a few bad apples any where. I continue to buy from 31 and love their things. I do wish they were all made in the USA-  I personally would pay more for American made products. :)

  • john

    Mostly cheap China parts.

  • john

    outside the us is ok. beware of china Google ( is china trying to kill us )

  • john

    Second posting first one didn’t take!!

    Radioactivity in metals from china, high levels enough to give you cancer… earrings and buttons that says wash hands after handling may contain lead ( what the ) I never understood that one…. We would buy things from the middle East B4 Chine or Taiwan. this post will not be hear for long. just Google this whole thing ” is China trying to kill us ” and pass the shameful word, WE DON’T WANT TO DIE AND THINK ABOUT OUR KIDS !!

    I don’t really care to much about child slave labor in China or Taiwan that is just their way of life. but I do care about our health, go ahead and buy foreign just not from China, it’s hard to do but it can be done..

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