Review: Valentine’s Wine Glass by Lolita

Upright Wine Glass

Recently, I just started drinking wine.  I’ve never really been a drinker…maybe one alcoholic beverage per year.  However, I’ve been more “adventurous” and trying different drinks.  One thing I have fallen in love with is Moscato wine.


I even purchased a bottle, then realized I didn’t have a wine bottle opener thingy.


So my $7 bottle of wine turned into a $30 bottle of win to get the opener.  I enjoyed that bottle for a full week.  Yes, it took me a week to drink the bottle and I even threw some away.


Now that I have had some wine and I like it, I also realized that I didn’t have any wine glasses.  So I have been drinking my wine out of a regular glass.  I know it’s no big deal, but it does seem odd.

I heard about these awesome wine glasses by Lolita and I was intrigued.   I figured I needed a wine glass anyway (my husband doesn’t drink either and would prefer a beer.)  So they sent me the Naughty and Nice Valentine’s Wine Glass.

The first thing I noticed was how well it was packaged.  I mean, glass is hard enough to ship.  But these are works of art too.  Mine arrived in perfect condition.

The second thing I noticed was the detail.  Lots of paint, colors…and bling!

Valentine's Naughty and NIce Wine Glass by Lolita

Valentine’s Naughty and Nice Wine Glass by Lolita

The third thing I noticed?  Was the recipe for a special drink on the bottom of the glass.  How cool is that?  I don’t know if I will ever make the drink, but it’s nice to have and a great conversation piece.

I just love my new girly wine glass and I think it suits me year round because my favorite color is pink.  Now, I just need to go buy a bottle of wine :D

What’s your favorite drink?  Do you have a special glass?

If you don’t have a special glass of your own or need a Valentine’s Day gift idea, go to to see all the great items available!  You can also learn more about the designer and all the products available on their Facebook page at


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